Angela Cimino

GHI Rome

Angela Cimino graduated in Anthropology, Religions, Oriental Civilisations, in November 2019, and obtained her Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology, in July 2021, at the University of Bologna. During her university studies, she spent five months at the Universidade dos Açores (Ponta Delgata, Portugal).

Since December 2021, she is a researcher at the Foundation for Religious Studies (Fscire) in Bologna. In April 2022, she obtained her First-level Master in Religious pluralism and historical knowledge (PluRes) at Fscire.

Her current research analyses the relations between the Papacy, the Holy See, the Judaism and the State of Israel in the post-World War II period (1945-1958).

Book project: Papacy, Holy See, Judaism and Israel in the post-World War II period (1945-1958).


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